The list of requirements for a certified nursing assistant certification

Certified nursing assistant or CNA is an individual who has been certified to perform nursing assistant duties and work under the supervision of a registered nurse. CNAs perform basic healthcare duties in medical care and hospital facilities and in order to reach this position, they must not only pass a test but also undergo training for a few weeks. In order to be suitable for the position of a nursing assistant, an individual needs to meet certain educational and other requirements. If you are someone who is interested in CNA certification and want to know its requirements or eligibility criteria, then you can go through the following given points:

  • Educational requirements

Any individual who wants to be eligible to become a certified nursing assistant and get the CNA certification must complete an approved postsecondary education. He/she must also complete a training program after postsecondary education from a community college or a vocational school. The program consists of classroom educational as well as clinical rotation. If one has taken a coursework for the training or certification or registered nurse or RN, or licensed vocational nurse or LVN, then even in that case he/she is eligible for the CNA certification.

In order to get in the training school of CNA training, an individual must have qualifying scores in math and reading competency. Most of the students also require a CPR certification which can be obtained either before the program or during it.

  • Health and well being requirements

Besides educational requirements, one also needs to meet certain health requirements in order to be eligible of CNA certification. Firstly, the individual must pass general health checkups and should pass the tuberculosis screening. Also, he/she must submit proof of vaccinations to ensure that he/she is properly vaccinated and does not carry any disease whose risk can be posed to patients he/she deals with later in his/her career.

  • Certification requirements

These requirements vary from state to state but in most cases, one must pass a written competency examination upon the completing of the training program. He/she must then complete the registration process to be able to apply and be selected as a certified nursing assistant in a medical or health care facility.

  • Other pre requisites

Any individual who is interested in the CNA certification must also clear the criminal background test. A negative PPD and chest X-RAY will also be performed and must be passed.

Besides these requirements, the candidate must have a general nature and zest to help those in need and should have a genuine interest in providing for their physical and emotional care. He/she must be patient, loving, caring and should have an attitude of helping others. If you are someone who wants to be a CNA or wants to gain any other kind of medical certification in Virginia, then you can visit the site and choose the coursework you would like it take.

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