Advantages and disadvantages of Online CPR and first aid training

Happy medical worker with case sheetsFirst aid training and CPR training are two of the most popular and useful medical training programs which a lot of individuals are interested in taking. With the improvement in internet accessibility and popularity of online training programs, many have started taking CPR and first aid online training in the past few years. In such a program, the entire knowledge of first aid methods and CPR procedures is provided through online lessons and course material. While it is a great way to take training for those who do not have the time to visit a centre, there are certain negatives too associated with online learning. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of online CPR or first aid training programs:

Advantages of online courses

  • This form of learning is very beneficial for those who do not have the required time to attend a traditional classroom course but are still very interested in acquiring first and CPR skills. An online class is more flexible and helps save the traveling time for the individual.
  • Another benefit of an online class is that it can be taken from any place in the world and being present physically is not required, like in the case of classroom learning.  This is a great option for those who are frequently on the move or need to relocate constantly.
  • An online first aid training course or an online CPR course is a very flexible option and can be undertaken by a person from their homes, sitting in their pajamas rather than getting dressed up. It also saves extra costs like traveling costs, costs for buying clothes or other essentials to visit the class etc.


Disadvantages of online courses:

  • Whether it is an online certified nursing assistance course in Reston VA or a CPR and first aid online Centreville VA course, it cannot provide the same level or degree or expertise in practical training as a regular or classroom program does.  In classrooms, demos are done, practice is given and this helps the individuals become well trained but the same is not possible online.
  • Another major disadvantage of taking an online first aid or CPR course is that it may not always be considered as the preferred means of training by an employer since not all online programs are certified or recognized. Hence it is very important to check for the certification or registration of the program in detail.
  • Not everyone has a stable internet connection or the right connectivity to attend to an online course or class at the designated time. These programs are only well suited for those who have a stable and strong connection at all times.


The ultimate decision is yours to make and on comparing these positives and negatives, you should be able to take a decision for yourself. If you are interested in taking any medical training, you can contact First Nursing

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